Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Bonfire Night Worksheet

This is the worksheet we used last year and the children are currently working on it again this year as I type.  They love colouring in the fireworks and then designing their own artwork with exploding colours! 
Some Firework artwork ideas:

  • Colour a piece of paper with different blocks of colour.  Colour right over the top with black crayon.  Scratch firework type dashed lines in circles to create firework explosions
  • Stick paper streamers and ribbon to sheets of black paper.
  • Chalk pictures on black paper can create nice effects.
  • Just throw caution to the wind and get out the paints, black paper and glitter if you dare!
Fireworks/Bonfire Night is a great theme for writing their own poetry and prose, even the younger ones can enjoy creating imagery using their pictures for inspiration if they need to.
I find that using the same worksheets on annual occasions means that the children look forward to the familiar fun activity and this helps them to revise the basic information about the festival/occasion. 

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