Thursday, 20 November 2014

Capital Cities Hunt

This is the first printout for the 'Capital City Hunt', as I promised in my last post I would share them.

This is how you use it with the second printout below...

You cut out the capital cities and hide these around the house.

When the children find the capital city, they must find the matching country on their code sheet.  This will give them their letter to decipher the code.

If you want to take part yourself and do not want to know what the hidden message is, please look away now!  When they have deciphered the code, they will find another capital city sentence to complete: "the capital of china is....."

This is further revising the UK capitals, but also introducing new ones across the world as the older ones use an atlas to discover which country the capital cities belong to.  If you were to do this hunt outside (though if you have the same wintery weather we have, you might need the city slips to be laminated or covered in sticky back plastic) then they would also be exploring their environment.

Like our earlier activity on capital cities at the link above, this will come out next year to help revise them.  The children who are much improved at remembering their capitals can investigate the line-images on the sheet with some research.  They can at least be able to tell you where they are in the world or facts/history depending on age and ability.

In case you find the images aren't too clear, the sheet comprises:
  • Big Ben in London, England
  • The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany
  • Colosseum in Rome, Italy
  • Eiffel Tower in Paris, France
  • Y Ddraig Goch (The Red Dragon) is an emblem of Wales - it is on the Welsh flag which is also called "Y Ddraig Goch"
  • A view of Beijing, China
This hunt kept my children happily busy for a whole morning!

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