Thursday, 27 November 2014

Character Thoughts

I was intrigued by the Character Qualities lessons I saw the Duggars working at on their TV show.  Character building is something we have tried to concentrate on with our children from a young age.  I thought perhaps these Character Qualities could work for us to so I sought them out on the Duggars' website.  There were a few things on the resource that didn't align completely with our own ideas.  Creating our own would have taken a lot of hard work so I wondered if there was anything out there with a similar focus on character that we could us on a regular basis.

After some research I found Kelly Bear CARES Curriculum.  There are some fantastic resources on their website.  I created our own weekly worksheets using one of the "Character Building Thoughts" by Leah Davis M.Ed, from one of their many hand-outs available on their website. These "Encouraging Thoughts", also by Leah Davies M.Ed. are also very useful.

Clipart has a nice line-art image of a teddy bear which can go at the top of the template page using MS Publisher; look for the one as in the picture above, but format the picture to be in black and white so that the children can colour him in.  The Character Thought goes on in faint grey (print or joined-up) for the children to trace.  There is then room to copy it out themselves below; this brings handwriting practice into the lesson too... sneaky, I know!  Then underneath is room for them to draw a picture demonstrating the Character Thought to involve artistic expression.  Using a saved template like this makes it so easy to simply insert the next lesson's thought with little effort.

In the lesson, I let them colour the bear first and get started on their handwriting practice in their own time (within reason, of course!)  We all discuss the Character Thought in between their handwriting practice and the drawing. 

It really is a fun exercise and the children really do look forward to it every week!

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