Saturday, 8 November 2014

Flake Muesli, Cereal Sundae and Jazzing up Cornflakes

At 46p for a 750g box of cornflakes at Asda, a great convenient and frugal breakfast is at your fingertips.  There is sugar in cornflakes, but less so than in other more expensive branded cereals, and they make a nice change from oats or toast as a simple go-to on busy mornings.

A bare bowl of cornflakes has a sort of minimalistic simple beauty about it (see above) but how to add interest and nutrition and, importantly, how to make it appealing to the kids? 

You can put out bowls of all of the suggestions below if you don’t mind the washing up; children like to add their own and this helps encourage them to eat up.  If you can’t face sorting out the bowls afterwards, just rotate combinations as you like.
  • Sultanas (84p per 500g)
  • Chopped apricots or other dried fruits (£2.49 for 500g)
  • Coconut (96p for 200g)
  • Chopped banana (around 10p each depending on size per item)
  • Chopped pear (around 12p each depending on size per item)
  • Flaked almonds (£1.49 for 150g bag)
  • Dark choc chips (buy bars and chop the chocolate up, it is a lot cheaper at 30p per 100g)
Instead of pouring milk over the top, try putting yoghurt in a cute coloured beaker and top with the cornflakes and extras mixed up together for a Cornflake Sundae.  I like this best (and it is also popular with the children) with sultanas and chopped ripe pear.
You can make muesli quite easily instead by toasting up some rolled oats and mixing with the suggestions above.  I must confess though, as much as I like granola, hot oat cereal and even Bircher muesli, I find there is undeniably something of the hamster food about cold dry plain old muesli.  I much prefer a version we make here... “Flake Muesli” (sounds like “fake muesli”, get it?... Is my coat ready?)  You get a lovely wholesome flavour reminiscent of Special K by mixing the cornflakes with branflakes (88p for 750g.)  I like to add sultanas (and yes, occasionally some chopped ripe pear) to this mix before adding some cold milk.  This combo somehow feels quite luxurious...  but at only 20p for all that breakfast, this means I must be even tighter than I thought!

*costings at Asda 7/11/14

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