Monday, 3 November 2014

Marble Cake

Gorgeous almond cake and dark moist chocolate cake all mingled together in one lovely tea time treat!  It feels like a very indulgent Sunday tea time with a slice of this marble cake.  And yet, this recipe is still lower in sugar than a lot of your "healthy" cake recipes, and certainly less saturated fat. I use rapeseed oil in baking, all monosaturated fat (which actually lowers bad cholesterol, rather than raising it like saturated, or leaving it unaffected like polyunsaturated fat), contains omega 3 fatty acids (good for joints) and is cheap when bought as 'vegetable oil'.

To add a little more sweetness, I like to use soya milk sweetened with apple extract (supermarket brands usually are) which is around the same cost as dairy milks but with less saturated fat and is good if you worry about the free-range etc side of things - it also has the advantage of making cakes suitable for the oft-cited 70% of the world's population who are lactose intolerant! If you only have dairy milk in the fridge, then there is no reason that this recipe wouldn't work with that instead.

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