Thursday, 6 November 2014

How to Make a Busy Bee Hat

One of my little dears enjoying the life of a model! 

You could crochet or knit any hat pattern with yellow and black stripes... but this is my favourite pattern  at the moment... I love it!  There are some great tutorials on the web to help you begin crochet.

Busy Bee Hat Pattern

In black, chain and join the chain
Double crochet into the initial chain
Crochet 2, skip 2, for a row
Double crochet twice into each holes for 2 rows
Continue in double crochet up in yellow then finish up a couple of rows in black.  You can add a couple of rows in black into the middle of the hat if you like.
Add tassles at the corners and stripy ear flaps at the sides, with ties crocheted down from the end point of the ear flaps.

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