Friday, 7 November 2014

UK Capital Cities and The Bus Stop Method

I heard about the bus-stop method from the Duggars before we went into home schooling ourselves (I heard it in an interview, I think, but it is also mentioned in this post here under 1pm.)  The idea is that you give the kids the same lesson with the same intro to a topic, but the younger ones "get off" earlier before it gets too in-depth for their ability.  I often produce worksheets and lessons like this for everyone to get stuck in together.  This method also means that the same worksheets can come out again the next year so that the older kids get to revise the basics and expand on their knowledge.

We find this worksheet useful for Bus Stop learning in the following way...

This worksheet is good fun; the little ones like to do the colouring (so do the older ones, actually!)  and looking for the flags in the atlas or online to get the correct colours, and the smaller print can be used for expansion.  Yesterday, my eldest enjoyed looking the cities up in the atlas and showing a younger sibling how to do it .  Although I don't expect the younger one to be able to use an atlas unaided now like her elder sibling can, it has helped her to remember the capital cities.  Also a help was the two of them quizzing each other on the capitals with lots of laughter.  I am not sure I remember geography tests at school being quite this funny!  But I am soooo glad they find it so!

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