Monday, 10 November 2014

French Lessons

It is widely acknowledged that children grasp second languages easier the earlier they are introduced.  Unfortunately, my own and my husband's knowledge of French has been pretty dim for a long time.  I managed one term of the subject at age 11, and most of what my husband learned at GCSE has not stood the test of time!

What a great discovery

French with Alexa

has been!

The audio lessons come with free downloads to help support learning.  There are free lessons available but to get full content you can subscribe for a reasonable cost.  The site has an online chat option for support too.

We have made good use of the lessons for children, complete with nursery rhymes and vocab.  Now we have begun the free 40 lesson course.  This longer and comprehensive introductory course is aimed at adults, but the lessons are still very accessible to children by breaking the lessons into chunks and re-listening with extra revision. Alexa's delivery is friendly, informal and accessible for even the most nervous of beginners. I now understand and speak more French than I ever have; getting to learn new things along with my children is one of the things I like so much about home education!

One of my children's favourite and first-learned songs... Meunier Tu Dors

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