Friday, 14 November 2014

Kitchen Adventures

Regular readers might remember my mentioning that we are having our tiny kitchen extended.  The wall into the current kitchen is to be knocked through next week and so we have to dismantle the kitchen this weekend.

As much as I am looking forward to being able to proverbially swing the cat when it is all done and dusted, the prospect of being without a kitchen for a fortnight (at least !) is not something I am relishing... 

My mother's home has also recently had work done.  During the rewiring of her place, workmen broke her washing machine, so plan B must come into action.  Handwashing all of our family's clothes in the bath! 

The small spare bedroom will house our toaster, kettle, microwave and slow-cooker for the time being.  My main worry is how expensive it will be to buy things that will keep fresh or convenience foods to keep us going.  The thought of it all makes me wonder at how our grandmothers and great-grandmothers got by.  They shopped day-to-day for fresh goods.  Each of them trailing all of their brood to the high street, around the shops and back again.  On top of making everything from scratch and doing all of the housework manually.  They were such grafters, because they had to be!

My plan is to buy individual cartons of milk for the time being, lots of fruit, vegetables, nuts, nut butter, tins of beans and dry lentils.  In fact, that doesn't sound much different to what we usually buy, apart from the individual milk cartons.  We rarely use the oven or hobs.  But it is the idea of being limited, knowing that I can't use the oven, hob, fridge or freezer that a sudden sense of panic begins to descend. 

In the next couple of weeks, I will pass on any useful tips we encounter during our experience of not having a kitchen.  If there are any readers who have experience of this and have some tips on dealing with it, please do share in the comments!

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