Monday, 3 November 2014

...Oaks Grow

Something small, even something seemingly insignificant or unnoticed or unloved... a word, a gesture, a person.... as well as those tiny acorns more dear to a person than anything else in the world, can have the potential to grow into something mightier than we could ever have comprehended for the tiny acorn it once was!
Living simply is something our family work towards.  We strive to leave as little destruction as we can, and offer as much compassion and resourcefulness as we can on our way (not always easy!)

In this blog, I intend to share posts on food and recipes for nutritious, easy and tasty meals on a budget, household topics like cash management, homecrafts, and keeping the home a place the family want to be without tearing your hair out (!) and resources/ideas for home education (whether you educate at home full-time or care to supplement public or private schooling, I hope it proves to be useful.) There will also be extras such as ideas for socialising and entertainment on a budget, and how to take part in creating those opportunities for others as well as benefitting yourself.  My own chatter might do a little clogging too!

The blog will be updated regularly, so please do keep checking back.

Hope to see you around x

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