Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Pink-Purple Pixie Hat

A tot model again!  This time we have a tot demonstrating a hat using the same pattern as the Busy Bee Hat, but made slightly larger to allow for speedy toddler growth (!) and in lovely pink colours to match this tot's coat.  Because this one is slightly larger it gives a gorgeous pixie effect at the top and tassles.

s tot grows, it will become closer to the head and have a similar look in shape to the Busy Bee Hat.  The main difference, apart from colour obviously, is that the slightly different weigh of yarn gives it a slightly different look in texture

The acrylic yarn was £2 from a local independent seller.  Another good place to check for inexpensive yarn is Wilkinson, Poundshop and charity shops.   Unused balls of yarn are sometimes offered on Freegle/Freecycle websites too.

Just follow the Busy Bee Hat pattern here with a multi-shaded pink/purple yarn.

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