Tuesday, 18 November 2014

"We're Going on a House/Garden Hunt..."

I can't help but rattle of that title in a sing-song Michael Rosen way! (Michael Rosen is wonderful! - I have just had to take a break from writing this post to enjoy his performance in this video.)  

All sorts of subjects can be worked into a hunt, outside in summer or indoors during harsh winter weather.In the summer, we love to have hunts or "trails" in the garden.

I use chalk to mark addition, subtraction or multiplication trails and rhyme trails around the garden.

Each sum or word has multiple option answers with a short red herring trail to make things more interesting, and at the end the children will find either coins for their piggy banks, pretty trinkets or sweets.

During the colder months, we retreat indoors more often to hunt around the house.  When more stretched for prep time, I hide pairs of rhyming words around the house and get the younger ones to find them.  The same goes for times table practice - I hide the sum and answer and they have to be found and paired up. 

When I have a bit more time to prepare, Code Hunts are more popular now with the older children.  A sheet of paper displays the sums or questions and they have to hunt out the piece of paper displaying the answer.  The answer paper will display a letter which will decode a message.  The latest Code Hunt was to revise and introduce new capital cities.  In my next post I will share the sheets we use so you can use them around your home too.

Happy (non-animal) Hunting!

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