Tuesday, 2 December 2014

An Easy Crocheted Purse

How cute is this purse?!
I did one in a mottled blue/red yarn too.  All you need to do is use the guide below but use a coarser textured yarn so that the work holds stiffer than the mould-to-your-head finish of the hat.  I originally intended to make a hat with the gorgeous coloured yarn but found the texture of it made the hat too stiff to be comfortable. 
But mistakes often bring revelation!
It worked so well as a purse that I have had to make two of my girls one each.  I fancy doing a larger version with plarn as a strong shopping bag. 

Just follow the guide in this post:
Make the following changes only:
Instead of crocheting two chin ties to each end, just chain a strap all from one end then stitch it to the other end.
I told you I loved that pattern!  It has become more versatile than I imagined!

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