Friday, 5 December 2014

Out-of-cheese Emergency Burrito

This was a highly successful ad hoc meal yesterday.

Although I am very glad we never had to lose the oven during the kitchen work, I am getting a bit fed up with the variants on the theme i.e. something baked + potatoes + vegetables . I am not actually sure the children have noticed.  If they have, they seem ok with it.

I like to make use of the oven and so put the vegetables in a lidded casserole with a splash of hot water to cook alongside or roast them in a little rapeseed oil on the top shelf.  This week, the vegetable sides have taken the form of spinach and sliced green pepper one day, a dish of sweetcorn and peas on another, a dish of baked beans from a can, and, my favourite, whole roasted carrots.  Potatoes can be cut into chips, chunks or baked whole depending on how long the oven will be on/how big the potatoes are.  One day this week, I used a couple of packets of instant mash!

The main problem I have is scouting the house for suitable ingredients and implements.  Hence this burrito; everything was within a few paces! 

Ideally the burrito would have been made with cheese but I realised last minute that we had completely run out (my favourite combination is mozzarella and a sprinkle of hard cheese or with a thickly made up cheese sauce, but my kids will take any cheese going including Tesco's own.)  As I do this sort of thing quite a lot, I can tell you that these also work beautifully with pate instead of cheese (this pate's description or tin does not do it much justice, neither does me telling you that it reminds me of the comforts of chicken and ham paste on toast at my best friend's house during primary school lunch times, but it really should...) It also works with mashed kidney beans, drained mashed baked beans, and with a sausage mix or burger mix.

A local restaurant serves a popular hummus burrito so I cannot claim originality for this idea, but I knew it would work. 

6 tortilla wraps
1 tub of hummus (the low fat stuff would be vile in this, all acidity and no creaminess)
6 tomatoes, diced
a handful of well chopped spinach or, as I used this time, some frozen dandelion leaves (the frozen leaves shatter into tiny flakes when you crumble them; this means they are easily distributed evenly amongst the other flavours so their strong iron flavour is less detectable and much more palatable to young tastebuds)

Spread each tortilla with hummus, sprinkle with tomatoes and green.  Add some ground black pepper.  Roll up, without sealing the ends, instead of folding like the one in the picture.  This enables you to cut them into 3 pieces so you can serve 2 for an average child, and more or less each depending on size of the diner.Bake for around 20 minutes at 180C

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