Saturday, 24 January 2015

Fizzy Volcanoes

The kids love it when Daddy takes a lesson.  This week, instead of computer science or maths revision they all gathered around the table build a volcano!

The Galore Park textbooks have some great activity ideas, and this one was from the Rocks chapter we looked at on Wednesday.  I knew the kids and (mostly) their Dad would love this one, so we treated ourselves to three whole Science Guy episodes on Wednesday after our lesson instead and saved the volcano activity for today; Earth's Crust, Earthquakes, and Volcanoes all touched on our current topic so we had a great chilled out hour.  Luckily, the kids love watching the old Bill Nye Science Guy shows. The shows cover so many topics that there always seems to be one relevant to what we are studying.  They really help to reiterate what we have just gone over, but feel like a treat by watching TV!

The experiment today involved a playdough volcano construction, bicarb in the crater, and then pouring vinegar on top to watch it fizz and pour down.  Different coloured playdough was placed on the parts the vinegar "lava" had run down to show how the volcanoes build up over time.

I think Dad had more fun that they did. And I got to make a chocolate cake! Win-win.

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