Friday, 13 February 2015

Almost Free Kitchen Makeover

I found this old article from two years ago!  Fresh from the excitement of having our relatively spacious extension, I had forgotten how much the pre-extension space was spruced up from the kitchen we moved into and how pleased I was with it at the time.

I wanted to post it as it could be useful to others and it is inspiring me to sort out the bathroom for a spruce up!

Our Almost Free Kitchen Makeover

Our kitchen was grotty.  It was pretty grotty when we moved in three years ago.  The units are fine and were fairly new when we moved in, even if there isn’t nearly enough storage space.  The kitchen is so teeny tiny you couldn’t swing a theoretical cat around in it.  The wallpaper is a thick textured “tile” design with twee brown flowers on it, and a manky cream colour; the actual off-white tiles are fine and pretty nice so they did not need painting over.  An area under one of the drawers where I keep my pans and oven dishes is open and looks so untidy.

Here was the solution:

Freshening up

To cover the cleaned brown floral wallpaper we used leftover paint from painting the once-turquoise (yes, I know...) upstairs toilet room a soft white colour. It is textured so the “tile” shows through but at least it is a clean white colour now.

We could not afford to replace the flooring, especially as we hope to get the room extended in 3 years (fingers crossed!) but the tiles were badly laid and looked dreadful, with the large tiling in dull grey fake slate not working well in the already grotty little area.  It did not help that the tiling went all the way under the fitted units.

To give floor it a quick revamp, we bought value black-and-white self-adhesive flooring from B&Q which was our only outlay at £15 a pack (it took two packs.)  We stuck this on top of the cleaned current flooring up to the fitted units and voila! An easily cleaned and fresh looking kitchen floor. 

The tile design of the now soft-white wallpaper, the soft-white tile splashback, and the chequered square flooring makes the area (or room) feel more spacious than before.

Created extra storage

To create space and storage, I moved two small bedside drawers into the unit area under wall cabinets either side of a floor-to-ceiling cabinet.  The woods do not exactly match, but are variations of a pine colour and they are small so they do not jump out at you; indeed, the unwashed dishes usually draw the eye away, which is, of course, the only reason they are there...

Tidied up open storage spaces

I created a hanging curtain for the open pan storage to hang and hide the contents.  I’m not sure where the curtain began life, but I think it used to hang at a window in the dark past, about two homes ago.

Utilised unusual spaces

The units are very high up with a lip running around the top and the kitchen is small; this means that you cannot see what is up there.  Gigantic mixing bowls, blenders, jugs and platters too big to be stored in the narrow and shallow cupboards, or to sit on the limited bench space, all lives up there now.  The only things to be given VIP bench space is a toaster, kettle, stick blender, slow cooker, knife block and tree mug.  Unfortunately that still only leaves me with two separate workspaces the width of me, but we do what we can with what we have.

I would love to read tips or ideas that any of you tried for revamping and creating space... please do leave any thoughts in the comments, as my bathroom is next!

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