Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Easter Activities

There are plenty of egg and rabbit related activities out there; the craft kits abound in shops cheaply at this time of year.  This is a good opportunity to introduce children to the beliefs of ancient peoples, such as the Saxon goddess Eostre, and the fertility of springtime being the basis behind these rabbit/egg associations at this time of year.
We also like to concentrate on Easter as the Christian Holy Week.  I find it helps the children to understand it by looking at the Jewish Passover too; after all, it plays a large part in Christ's story.
Some ideas to get stuck into:

  • The little fellas on the photograph above are baby Moses in his ankle sock wrappings, in a mushroom basket lined with tissue paper! 
  • We use paper plates to draw the components of the Seder plate. 
  • The Prince of Egypt is a good film to watch; even the littlies enjoy the animation and songs. 
  • We also like to watch The Greatest Story Ever Told in a few sessions over the Holy Week, even if 225 fantastic minutes end with John Wayne in fancy dress claiming that Jesus truly is the "Sern of Gaad." 

Performance Art ideas:
  • Make scenery with sheets of lining paper to hang up. 
    • add handprints in circles to make flowers,
    • or paint a scene,
    • or make a collage with scrap pieces of wallpaper or wrapping paper and magazines (make sure the magazines are suitable for children in case they get distracted by the content!)  If you are worried about the cost of glue, make your own flour/water paste.
  • Have the children come up with their own ideas for a performance.  It could be just a song or two altogether.   The year of the scenery pictured below was for a tale about the Easter Bunny, including a performance of Morning Has Broken, and then the toddler at-the-time giving us a rendition of Mary Mary Quite Contrary as she watered her springtime garden and helped the Easter Bunny deliver her goodies! Last year, they simply wanted to give a brief summary of their activities and which part of the Easter story each had taught them e.g. making a tub garden as they learned about Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane
  • Older children can look at how to lay out a script and produce it for the others.

  • Tackle some traditional foods. Soda Bread might also be a nice touch because of the traditional cross marked for baking.
  • Then, you could do as we do, and break out the tea and cake!


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