Sunday, 8 March 2015

Marmalade Shortbread, or Paddington's Marmalade Sandwich Biscuits

World Book Day 2015 was the inspiration behind my making these shortbread treats. While I do not pretend they are healthy, they are not as high in sugar as they could be as the marmalade allows for a sugar reduction in the biscuit. Just do not eat them all at once!  A big family is great for the health; living alone and baking was a disaster, but husband, children and parents all wanting a slice of the action means you only get your reasonably portioned fair share.
These treats definitely have a tea party feel about them!  They are great for making with the kids as they are so simple - they love having a go at the rubbing in stage.  These biscuits would also lend themselves to being parcelled up for your librarians.
The recipe should make about 30 pieces, but fewer if you are more generous with the portions. Finger biscuits, which would be more sensible than the massive wedges above, will give you a few more.

300g plain flour
150g vegetable oil spread (we used Pure)
100 white vegetable fat (we used Trex)
75g granulated sugar
4 rounded tbsp. marmalade (we used the Dandelion and Orange one we made last year, but here is my standard marmalade recipe)

Pop the flour, fat and sugar in a bowl.  Rub with your fingertips or use an electric whisk to bring the mixture to bring the mixture together to create crumbs.  Press half of the mixture into a silicon tin or a tin lined with greaseproof baking paper.  Spoon the marmalade on top and smooth out evenly.  Scatter the remaining crumb mixture over the top - the crumbs will melt together in the oven to create the very pleasingly cracked yet stable top part of the sandwich biscuit.  Bake in a preheated oven at 160C for 40 minutes.  Leave to cool then cut into pieces.

Costs around 90p for the whole batch (using homemade marmalade) or 3p per piece if it makes 30 pieces. Costings from Asda, Asda online accessed 8/3/15

Did you make any literary foods for World Book Day 2015?

Do share in the comments if you did (and feel free to add a blogpost link to share the recipes and/or pictures!)

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