Wednesday, 4 March 2015

World Book Day 2015 and Competition

The 5th March is a big day in 2015.

I have already posted about the anniversary of the end of the '84/'85 Miners' Strike and the resources we have used over the year.

This year, it is also World Book Day 2015This is a big day in schools - kids come in character and share stories. 

So what can we home ed parents do to get in on the action?

I already posted about how we engage our kids with literature.  On World Book Day, we let the fun roll (as in, more than usual). It is picture books and illustrations and outings and dressing up.  A literary Halloween, if you will.

Your local library will have a stash of National Book Tokens.  These are given out in schools, but you do not have to miss out.   The £1 free books can be swapped in most highstreet bookshops.

Have your kids enter the World Book Day competition to design a book token - prizes and details on the website.

If there are no events on at your local library, simply head along with the kids in their favourite character costume and take the librarians some literary treats such as Paddington's marmalade sandwich biscuits (recipe to come), or design a Wonka cover on plain paper to fasten around a bar of chocolate.  We like to melt a large bar of chocolate, pour onto a greaseproof baking paper into rough circles or in the lined bottom of a Tupperware-style box to shape it, then sprinkle with a myriad of toppings such as popping candy, cinder toffee pieces, dried fruit, or cake decoration sprinkles; once set in the fridge, you can wrap in foil or cellophane and fasten your designed paper around the outside.

Having said the above, the chances of an event being on at a local library in the late afternoon is very high.  I would recommend ringing up; one near us had not posted on the internet, simply promoted with posters in the library which we were unlikely to spot.  If there are no events at your local library, why not book a room with another family or invite your children's friends over after school for a literary themed tea?  If your kids do not enjoy social events so much or are a bit older and self-conscious, they might prefer to help prepare a themed dinner around their favourite books.  If you are a dressing-up kind of family, then enjoy your efforts in costume!

Some ideas for home ed activities:
  • write your own chapter of your favourite book... an epilogue or a prologue
  • make you own book about your favourite traditional tale or fairy story... my kids enjoy doing this on MS Publisher in a booklet template and use clip art to add illustrations
  • make your own illustrations for your favourite book looking at different techniques... choose three different styles from library picture books for inspiration; I like to include Lauren Child picture books for the texture gained from using real objects with her drawings, and Cinderlily by David Ellwand for the anthropomorphic flowers.
  • find a good cartoon tutorial on Youtube; I like to use Sarah McIntyre Draws Sharks in kids' sessions.
  • these bookplates collected by Anne Fine from established illustrators can be coloured in; some of the kids' favourite illustrators are bound to be there!

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