Thursday, 2 April 2015

Easy Homemade Edible Easter Gifts (including Fondant Creme Mini Eggs!)

Okay, so Easter Eggs can be picked up pretty cheaply now;  around 80p for a fair sized egg + sweets is common. 

So why make our own?  Well...

 1) since they are easily and cheaply picked up, doesn't this somehow take the excitement and personal touch out of it?
2) dairy free eggs are still at premium price, so you can cater for animal free and allergy/intolerance diets for a lot less
3) a supermarket chocolate bar is only 30p for 100g, so it can still more frugal to make something than to buy readymade

So, how about those easily made treats now?  Read on!

  • Home made fondant crème mini eggs:

Roll a little golden marzipan into a rough egg shape.  Mould ready-to-roll fondant icing round the marzipan.  Coat in melted chocolate.  These are great decorations for Easter cakes; we like them on chocolate crispy cake nests! They are way less sickly than bought versions, smaller so easier to use portion control with, and are less messy for little ones to eat!  You can package up in cellophane tied with ribbon, or do as my mother does by buying little baskets and lining with yellow tissue paper.

  • Healthier Easter Basket for kids:
Every year, my mother has bought little Easter baskets, lined them with tissue paper and then fills them up with individual boxes of raisins, grapes, each child's fave fruit, and 1-2 homemade chocolate crispy cakes each, decorated with mini fluffy chicks, and then tied with cellophane and ribbon. They get new spring pyjamas too. She says they get plenty chocolate eggs, and the kids look forward to getting their fave fruit (things like dried strawberries, which is not something they get regularly!) and it has become a lovely tradition.

  • Homemade chocolate eggs in a mug
No egg mould?  No problem!  I use the packaging from avocados.  Line the plastic avocado hollow with cling film then pour in melted chocolate.  Leave in the fridge to set.  I give it 2-3 coatings, setting in the fridge in between.  Use a little melted chocolate to fuse the sides. If they do not fuse excellently, do not worry!  Wrap tightly in tissue paper and tie with a ribbon.  These area lovely size for popping into a cute kids mug.

  • Mug of sweets
Fill a cute kids mug with their favourite sweets. That simple!  Finishing with cellophane and ribbon helps it look brilliant.

  • Choc Easter Shapes
Lay Easter cookie cutters (e.g. chicks, rabbits) on cling film. Pour melted chocolate into the cutters and chill until set.  These are cute wrapped individually or popped into a cellophane bag.

  • Crisp Almond Easter Biscuits
Make this recipe, with the following changes
  1. leave out spice
  2. add a couple of drops of almond essence
  3. use all golden syrup instead of syrup and treacle. 
  4. cut with Easter cookie cutters or cut your own crosses out. 
Pack as above.

Are you making anything for Easter?   I would love to hear about it, if you are!

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