Thursday, 2 April 2015

Good Friday, Good Food

When I was growing up, Good Friday meant a trip to the fish and chip shop. Being completely unaware of the point in this tradition, I used to order a Beanie! (for anyone unfamiliar with this heart attack, it is baked beans encased by sausage meat and batter.)

Nowadays, I like the idea of observing the ancient tradition that saw Good Friday's meal based around seafood.  If we are being very traditional, we like these breadcrumbed steaks (some of the kids prefer Fish Fingers, and some like Fish Cakes) done in the oven, homemade potato chips in the oven, and mushy green peas - plenty of vinegar!

This is a fair outlay though, and these other meals would make the protein go further..

Tonno e Piselli would be nice break from the usual British fare but keeping the fishy with green peas idea alive.

Strips of smoked salmon and cream cheese melted through hot pasta is lovely; add lots of black pepper and spring-fresh lemon zest. (We like this salmon and this cream cheese.)  Use the pasta cooking water or a little milk to help loosen the cheese into a sauce if necessary.

Sometimes, with all of the chocolate, I want something fresher and green: stir fried vegetables (it is cheap enough to buy pre-cut packs if, like me, your kitchen life is not conducive to tons of chopping!)  Add nice fresh and pleasingly-bland tofu and serve over rice with dried seaweed to season.  This can be revitalising in a time of otherwise rich foods!  (If I am feeling less healthy, I add battered prawns instead of tofu, though it would not be biblically appropriate using real prawns - thanks be to Fry's!)

What do you make for Good Friday?
Please do leave your own ideas in the comments!

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