Thursday, 2 April 2015

Outdoor and indoor activities from an Easter Egg Hunt with a difference

Easter Hunts usually mean collecting as much chocolate as possible, as if there was not enough around at this time of year!  So we like to do something a little different (as if that was unheard of!)...

Every year, we head to our local woods for an Easter egg hunt.  I am always surprised that other locals have not cottoned onto the idea, as we only ever pass two or three dog-walkers.

Daddy goes ahead early with Easter related pictures we have printed out (check out clip art line pictures), and he pins them onto trees.  This leads the way and the kids collect the pictures as they find them.  Only at the end are the chocolate shapes.

When kids get home they are occupied for a little while by colouring in their picture prizes!

Among the printed out pictures, you can include some that take you through the Easter story.  The kids can sort through to pick out the Easter story and piece them together in order by sticking on card.  It is a great way to keep them occupied over the Easter weekend. 

(It is amazing how much grown-up visitors like to join in too!)

Do you create Easter egg hunts?  How do you organise them? Tips are welcome!

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