Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Bloomin' Dandy

I posted how we make use of the nutritional powerhouse of  dandelion and other free greens in the spring time.
Dandelions offer another great free food in the form of their pretty sunny blooms!

They bring a sweet sunny honey flavour to dishes.

I had previously read that they hold plenty of Vitamin A and C, and iron.  Further research this week led me to Proverbs31Woman who has collected some information on their nutrition - she also has some great dandy recipes and has complied a whole cookbook dedicated to them.

Here are 16 of our favourite ways to use them:
In salads
  • the petals look prettiest sprinkled over the top
As a pesto
  • use the petals instead of basil, carefully adding garlic granules for a mild hit, and the hard cheese, to make Sunshine Pesto
On pasta
  • as your Sunshine Pesto
  • or on spaghetti with salt, pepper, garlic granules, and a little oil for dressing
Mixed into cream cheese for an interesting lunch time sandwich
In cakes or cookies
  • alone as Dandelion Blossom Cake
  • with lemon
  • alongside sweet sultanas
  • they make gorgeous sunny-flecked shortbread or cookies
  • in a sponge pudding to serve with custard after Sunday dinner
Breakfast bakes
  • add to muffins or oat flapjacks to bring sunshine to grey spring mornings
In sweet preserves
  • I have added blooms to both orange and lemon varieties of marmalade to great success
As a ice cream topping
  • Sprinkle petals over the top of vanilla ice cream for a sweet spring-time floral treat
As fritters
  • the battered and fried blooms, as in the recipe generously shared by Proverbs31Woman, are fantastic
  • we like the batter seasoned with salt and pepper only, a little semolina added for extra crunchy batter, and mixed with onion rings done in the same batter, to be served with homemade pizza!
Do you ever cook with dandelion blooms?  I would love to read your own ideas in the comments!


  1. I am so glad you dropped by Kristina - and thanks!