Thursday, 14 May 2015

Digestive Aids and Pulses

Meal times at Acorn Towers often consist of lentils and beans and spices.

I have heard many a complaint that these items cause indigestion.  Our family do not seem to find this a problem but perhaps our constitutions have become used to it (although, I do get a little heartburn after dried soya mince if I do not take the precautions I will get around to in a mo.)

But I imagine that if we replaced much of the beans and lentils with meat and dairy then our bodies would not react kindly either!  I would advise beginning with smaller amounts, with a mind to build up pulses in the diet.

(And as pulses are great sources of fibre, iron, calcium and other minerals... why wouldn't you want to?  If you use dried pulses, then sprout them first (not kidney beans - poisonous!) you also boost their Vitamin C content through the roof.)

I have found that adding bay leaf to the cooking prevents indigestion and heartburn very successfully.  If the dish is one that will happily take ginger then I will add this instead or also (I seem to find ground ginger to be most successful.)  If I have forgotten to add the bay leaf of ginger, then a little bicarbonate of soda in warm water straight afterwards does the trick.

Do you have any favourite tips or tricks for indigestion and heartburn?

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