Thursday, 7 May 2015

Remarkably Different

When we attended a group for the little ones this morning, a kind neighbour engaged the oldest child and asked why were they off school today.  She suddenly remembered, answering her own question with..

"Oh yes, I remember. You don't go to school.  You... live differently, don't you?"

I am not altogether sure we do live differently to anyone else.

People do tell us that we do sometimes

I remain unconvinced. 

We rise in the mornings, one parent goes to work, one parent stays at home with the children, we eat three meals a day, visit family and friends, attend groups, converse politely with those we come into contact with, try to remember to be on our best behaviour though do not always manage to make it, bathe, learn, play, occasionally watch TV, go to bed... 

Not that there is anything wrong in being different.  And of course we all live our lives slightly differently to the even the most similarly minded person next to us.  It just seems odd to me that people our family come into contact with fairly regularly see us as remarkably different.

Although, come to think of it, I am sure that we could find a remarkable difference in anyone, should we look for it.

I am sure our neighbour did not mean to offend, and she did not offend me truly.  It just jolted me into thinking about hers and some others' perception of us.

What do you all find gets remarked upon? Homeschooling, clothing choices, eating habits...?  And does it ever get you down, or do you always own it happily?

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