Wednesday, 6 May 2015

White Raspberry Baby Blanket

I came across the Blackberry Salad pattern from Tamara Kelly on moogly and loved it instantly.  The colours are just perfect!  I cannot wait to finish one I have started in blues, greens and browns to match one of our own rooms.

It occurred to me, when a friend became a grandmother for the second time, that the raspberry stitch would be beautiful in pure white for the new baby.

I wanted to share the pictures to prove just how pretty and smart it looks.  Grandma certainly loved it and I hope the new baby does too!

It is such an easy pattern to master...

The stitches used are single crochet, double crochet and double crochet 5 together; this last one means to leave the double crochet half completed before inserting your hook into the stitch to bring another double crochet through, and to do this so you have double crocheted 5 times before letting it all off your hook with one more yarn over.  If I did not explain that very well (!) there are plenty of tutorials on youtube or if you use a search engine - I found this one by Lacie Vasquez on New Stitch a Day the most clear.

Starting.  Cast on 85 stitches (I initially tried moogly's numbers but it felt too large for a newborn) then turned the work.
Row 1. miss 3 stitches, then double crochet the rest of the row.  Chain 1, then turn.
Row 2. single crochet into 2 stiches, then dc5tog in the next stitch.  Single crochet in 3 stitches, then dc5tog in the next stitch. Continue with the sc for 3 stiches and then dc5tog until the end of the row. 
Chain 3, then turn.
Row 3. double crochet the whole row.
Repeat rows 2nd and 3rd rows until you make it as big as you want. 
Finish. I completed with a row of single crochet as it gave a neater finish.

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