Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Rhubarb, Pear and Ginger Jam

Rhubarb Ginger Jam is probably my ultimate favourite jam or jelly ever.  My love affair with it began when a friend of my grandmother would pass her a jar annually, and we would have it with thickly spread butter on thin brown bread.  So rich, so bad... and so good.

I currently have a small amount of rhubarb in a large pot.  When our garden is turned over, I look forward to turning a portion of the garden over to rhubarb, as we love it so much.  It is such an easy thing to grow and harvest - you basically leave it alone and it multiplies happily. I will post a few more of our favourite ways to munch the stuff this month too.

As our crop is fairly small at each stage of harvesting, I either freeze the stalks until I get enough to make a batch of jam or add leftover eating apples. (I actually peel and freeze half eaten apples and pears for this sort of thing - great for using up in ad-hoc crumbles and pies too.)

This year, I had pears and, of course, they are the perfect partner to both ginger and the tart rhubarb.

How to make it:

Equal quantity of fruit to jam sugar ("jam sugar" is simply sugar with the pectin already mixed in - it is not "preserving sugar" which is a large crystal sugar to give a clearer end product.)
1 tbsp. ground ginger (less if you prefer less heat, but bear in mind all of my kids under 10 would even spread this on their potatoes if they could.)

Put everything into a pan and gently heat to dissolve the sugar, before it comes to a simmer. Boil for 10 minutes.  Pour into a hot sterilised jar. (I wash in hot soapy water then dry the jars out in the oven or microwave just before potting up.)

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