Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Pre-School Curriculum Activities

Happy Autumn!

The air here really has gathered a cooler damper chill, particularly in the mornings.  I love it.  I am always ready for the new season by the time it comes around.  (By ready I mean I am glad for it, not necessarily practically organised!)

We have simplified our timetable for this term.  This not only helps me, but it means that my older ones are able to organise themselves more.  I have put the timetable on display so that the kids can take responsibility for themselves and know that, for example, get maths out now and continue until 11 every morning before moving onto writing.  Making days have the same structure as much as possible makes it easier for them to remember and follow - less time with everyone bumbling about looking for what they should be doing and waiting for me to instruct each individual through every step.

My tot is now of an age where if being cared for in nursery or by a childminder, a curriculum would be required.  For home ed council inspections, I figured I should draw one up.  It turned out to be an interesting task to research the national curriculum and milestones for tot's age, because it turns out that it is what I, and I would imagine most involved parents with common sense, have been doing anyway.  It meant the curriculum involved drawing up things we already do.   It has been good to read other blogs on this, such as Proverbs31Woman's preschool curriculum, for new ideas too.  In the spirit of this I thought I would share some activities that we enjoy in our house (and look out for the upcoming curriculum - edited to add, free pre-school curriculum now posted here):

Ideas for Tot's Preschool Activities
  • Card games
    • Snap
    • A basic game of Clock Patience where the aim is not to beat the Kings, but to place each new card in the correct place.  (Our tot really enjoys this game, especially with a sibling or parent sitting by to interact with.)
    • I find that novelty or child-aimed card decks are unnecessary. A plain ordinary card deck does the job fine.
  • Painting
    • free drawing and colouring
    • mixing colours
    • symmetrical butterflies by painting one half thickly and folding over to make the whole one (my older kids still like doing this, and I introduce multiple lines of symmetry using the same activity.)
    • using a colour key
    • to introduce languages using the colour words
  • Computer fun
    • CBeebies have brilliant preschool games which help practice using a mouse of course, but also other skills according to the game - Alphablocks and Numtums are particularly good with their educational clips too.
    • using "Paint" with the thick pen, crayon and air-spray options to create a picture, again will help encourage creativity and practice mouse use.
  • Cooking/food
    • helping when you make meals by putting things in a pan, giving things a stir, or by buttering own bread.
    • choosing ingredients from options e.g. "should this be a raisin cake, a cherry cake or a coconut cake?" or "which salad items shall we add to this quiche... tomatoes, onions or sweetcorn?"
    • these activities can also help encourage fussy eaters to try the meals they have created themselves.

Which games and activities do you find go down well in your house? I would love to 'hear' about them.

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