Thursday, 15 October 2015

Food Waste Week (Bread): Jam Roly Poly

Jam Roly Poly with Ice Cream

This gorgeous rib-sticking pud can be made with all flour or up to half of the flour quantity replaced with breadcrumbs. 

It might seem odd to make it with an unsweetened dough but the jam makes up for this and with added sugar, it would be far too sweet.

How we make it:

200g self raising flour, or made up to 200g with flour and breadcrumbs with no more than 100g breadcrumbs (the breadcrumbs lighten the pud up enough to not necessarily need extra raising agent added.)
4 tbsp. mild vegetable oil or melted solid fat
Pinch of salt
cold water
jam of choice (we like a red or hedgerow berry type best, although marmalade makes a nice interesting change.)

Mix the salt into the flour and breadcrumbs.  Mix in the fat and enough cold water to bring it to a workable, non-sticky dough.  Press out on a board until it is approximately 12" by 8".  Spread thickly with your favourite jam.  Roll up.  Fold the roll up so it fits into a buttered microwavable pudding bowl. Cover the bowl with its lid or a few sheets of kitchen roll doubled over and tucked under the bottom of the bowl to hold it in place. Microwave on max for 3 minutes then leave for a further minute or two, or until you have finished your main meal. Your ice cream will still melt on impact!  Also lovely served with custard.

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