Sunday, 8 November 2015

To Poppy, Or Not To Poppy

Today on Remembrance Sunday, the papers are not only full of Remembrance Day coverage but seem to be debating on whether or not to wear a poppy determines the sort of person you are i.e. good or bad.

I could never decide which to wear: the red for remembrance, the purple for all of the animal victims of war, or to wear the white poppy of peace. I am more inclined to wear the white, though the response to the possibility that the current Labour Leader might have worn a peace poppy, I wonder if it would be taken as an insult to some.

Anyway, I decided to give to each cause and crochet my own poppy declaring support for each of the issues. Unfortunately, last night when I was getting my things together to make leaving for Sunday service easier the next morning, I could not find it! Having turned many things upside down as quietly as possible at 11.30 last night I found myself hastily creating a replacement through sleepy-squint.

Red for remembrance of the human victims of war,
Purple for the animal victims of war,
White in hope of and supporting future peace.
I think the crochet poppy looks really cute, and am thinking of crocheting a little flower to keep permanently pinned to my collar. I had a couple of very kind compliments at church too, so I feel quite pleased with how it turned out despite slightly wonky work due to the late night crochet session!

As for the children... although I see a few wearing poppies and I remember them being sold at primary school twenty (or so) years ago... I would rather wait until my children can understand the issues and are able to take their own feelings into making a decision on whether to wear one or not.  I will happily crochet custom colours as long as my children are more organised than I am so I am not madly crocheting numerous versions in an annual Saturday midnight session!

Are you wearing a poppy, and if you are, what colour?

We still have 3 days before Armistice Day and so you still have time to make one...
This flower in whatever colours would also make a cute brooch to give as a gift.
The pattern was really simple and was as follows:

Centre of the poppy
In black, chain 4 and join the end to the 1st chain with a slip stitch.
Chain 1.
Single crochet twice into each chain stitch, making 8 in this round.
Tie off.
Using the colour you want for your first petal, single crochet into two single crochets of the wrong side of the black round.
Chain 3 and turn your work.
Treble crochet into the first single crochet.
Treble crochet into the next single crochet.
Double crochet into the same single crochet.
Tie off.
Continue the petals around the black circle in your chosen colours.
Weave in the ends.
Place a little safety pin in the wrong side of the black circle.

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