Thursday, 17 December 2015

A Christmas Carol for the Kids - without the help of Disney

While my eldest and I have been enjoying sharing A Christmas Carol, the younger ones find the wordiness a little too much to understand just yet.  However, sitting by the fire and lights of the tree as the dark afternoons creep in, it feels so warm and festive that everyone is enjoying the time together nonetheless.  Being exposed to the readings helps the children become familiar with the archaic language and so they will eventually begin to be able to read and understand similar literature independently.  My eldest has recently taken to to using the word "thrice" in everyday conversation - whether that is a useful thing or not, I cannot be certain, but it tickles me anyway.

Storynory have a great audio production of the classic on their website.  Even the littlest did not stray throughout the three parts, and the older ones asked to listen a second time a couple of days later.

Someone has also kindly uploaded to Youtube the 1951 film with Alistair Sim as Scrooge.  We will definitely be watching this over the festive season.  Like the issue Jo March had with presents, I find it just isn't Christmas without Scrooge.

What says Christmas to you? When does it really feel like it has descended?

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