Monday, 14 December 2015

Lap/Pram Blanket: Stylish Striped Monochrome with Custom Edging (also know as "The Liqourice Allsorts Blanket")

This is a really gorgeous pattern, and it is so simple to make; it works up quickly while you watch TV.  The edging can be customised to match the recipient's decor or so that it is suitable for a new baby; this one in the picture is a gift for a friend's baby granddaughter.

When edged in baby colours like the one in the photo, the blanket becomes very reminiscent of Bertie Bassett; this makes it perfect to be matched with a box of sweeties for a nostalgic adult - edge in pink, blue or lemon for full effect!

As the pattern and monochrome is genderless it works wonderfully for self-conscious males too, and makes a crochet blanket suddenly seem like a gift they want to receive!

If you want to make a really festive stripe for a holiday blanket, you could swap the black and white for a deep red and green.

How I make it:

Chain 91 in white.
Double crochet into the 4th chain from the hook.
Double crochet into the next 2 chains. * Chain 1. Skip 1. Double crochet into the next 3 chains. Repeat from * until end of chain.
Chain 4. Turn work. ** Double crochet 3 times into the first hole. Chain 1. Repeat from ** until last hole in the row.  Chain 1. Double crochet into the final double crochet of the row.  Chain 3. Turn your work.
Double crochet x 2 into the 1st hole.  Chain 1. Double crochet x 3 into the next hole. Repeat from *** until the end hole.  In the last hole, double crochet x 2 ino it and then double crochet into the top of the final double crochet of the row.
Repeat from **** to make 9 rows of white in total.  Tie off.  Attach black with a slip stitch and make another 9 rows as from ****.  Contine switching colours every 9 rows, until you complete your 4th stripe of white (there will be 3 stripes of black.) Tie off.
Attach black with a slip stitch at any corner.  Single crochet all the way around the edge.  Tie off.
Attach your custom colour with a slip stitch at the corner.  Single crochet all the way around the edge in the back loop of the black edging single crochet stitches.  Tie off.
Weave in any loose ends.

Do let me know in the comments if you give this one a go, and feel free to send pictures of the finished blanket along to

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