Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Pre-School & Early Years Calendar Craft

2016 Calendar Printable (pictured: our 2013 version)
I wanted to share this fun calendar with you all.  As you can see, we made this one back in 2013 and it is still in daily use!  It is starting to get a little shabby now but it is doing well considering.  I always meant to make a fresh one for each year but we never seem to get around to it; it has hung on for so long though,passing down through the kids, that this calendar now feels too much like a heirloom to replace!

The printable does not include the weather chart; this is a great preschooler craft activity.  We cut little bits of blue paper, then stuck cut outs for the sun and the snow box, drew on a grey cloud with raindrops, and stuck cotton wool on for cloudy (see photo above.)

It is a lovely way to start the day with preschoolers and early years kids (the older ones like to listen in quietly too, remembering, I think, the days when they were exploring the topic with the very same calendar.) We start by chanting through the days, and talking about which it is today.  We then chant through the months and talk about which month it is... "and, therefore it is *season*",  We then discuss what the weather is like that day... "is it sunny, cloudy, raining or snowing?"

Do you have any tips for introducing the days and dates to your preschoolers/early years students?

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