Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Re-Purposing Christmas Cards

Now that all of the cards are coming down, it seems a shame to waste them.

Here are some of our favourite ideas for reusing them:

Gift Labels
Cut out smaller pictures or features in scenes (a snowman, a cutesy Victorian choir,etc) into small gift labels for next year.  Simply punch a hole in the top corner and tie ribbon through it.

New Homemade Christmas Cards
My favourite way to reuse Christmas cards is to recycle them into more!  As for the gift labels above, cut out a picture, scene or feature from a scene, as well as the greetings and printed messages from the fronts and inside of the cards. Come next Christmas: cut an A4 sheet of thin card in half across the portrait width; fold each piece in half to create a card, scoring down the crease well to make a nice neat fold; using either PVA glue or a sticky tab which gives a nice 3D built-up effect, attach your picture cut-out to the front of your card; also attach your greetings to the front and messages inside. Remember to buy some envelopes to fit.  The card and envelopes mean that you are not saving much in the way of money, but it is a really nice festive activity and a well-done handmade card always seems to be very well received.

Team Game for a Crowd: Christmas Card Jigsaw
This was shared by someone who has been running local children's groups for years.  You will need as many cards as there are teams, maybe more for red herrings.  Cut the pictures into two pieces for younger players, or four for older ones   Mix the pieces up in the centre of the playing area.  Set up teams who have to tag team finding a matching piece each until the team has the full picture.

If you have less children playing at once, you could cut each card into eight.

Lone Player or up to a Couple of Players: Christmas Card Pairs
Cut several pictures into two halves.  Place them all face down in a few rows.  Player turns over one piece at a time to try finding a matching pair; turn unmatched cards face down again.  Continue until they have all been matched up.  You can take turns to play this one.

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