Monday, 1 February 2016

Valentine Activity for Self Worth

This is a really simple and effective activity for Valentines Day, no matter how old the child.  In fact, older ones might find it just as validating as the younger ones at this time of year.

It reminds them of real love, of true love...

All you will need are some markers and balloons. Pink, red and white balloons are in keeping with the theme and look really good strung up later.

Each child gets a balloon blown up. If you have a few younger children working on this, it is worth getting a balloon pump.

Give each child a marker and tell them to write the names of the people they are certain loves them on it.  Let them decorate it with swirls and motifs using the markers.

It is lovely to see the certainty in the kids when they declare particular names of family and friends. It really is a good way to remember to be loving to each other as well as who loves us.

As well as being great to do as part of your home education program, this is also a useful activity for kids' get-togethers and clubs as it takes minimal resources and effort, yet keeps the kids busy for a while and gives them something to take home.

The bonus is that this activity also doubles as a way to decorate the house or clubhouse.