Monday, 28 March 2016

Cheap Deal on Veg at Asda

Asda are currently offering the following for 29p each*:

2.5 kilos of white potatoes
1 kilo bags of carrots
1 kilo bags of new potatoes
500g leeks
500g parsnips
savoy cabbages
335g broccoli
(also 750g frozen green beans are only 70p, which I am pretty certain is quite a bit cheaper than usual)

The fresh vegetables will last a while in a cool dark environment, but otherwise, cook them, then cool and freeze.  I will do so with around half of the stuff we bought.

I bought enough to last us a good while in vegetables!  Score.

*I was unable to find how long this offer lasts, but as it is inspired by Easter celebrations, I would recommend getting down there as soon as you can.

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