Thursday, 3 March 2016

World Book Day 2016 - Last Minute Ideas

Happy World Book Day!

Today the kids have been dressed up since rising.  We have an eclectic mix, from Harry Potter to the North Wind to Tinkerbell.  Luckily, they are trained to look for dress-up items and clothes they already have to complete their look.  I would not want to get in a situation where I felt I had to run around looking for ready made costumes or be sewing one hurridly after midnight for the next day!

So no fear if you were caught out... here are some ideas for celebrating with little prep:

1.  Raid the dress up box and get creative with fictional characters in mind.

2.  Bake Paddington's Marmalade Sandwich Biscuits in honour of the preserve-loving talking bear.

3.  Create a children's literature themed meal - everyone could come up with ideas for either a main course + pud or buffet style.

Some ideas we like:

  • Mudburgers from James and the Giant Peach - a recipe is available here, though normal burgers are easily renamed.  If you don't have a stash of burgers in the freezer, this recipe from the now defunct Cheap Family Recipes is currently archived on Wayback and it is a great storecupboard burger recipe (rolled oats can be used in place of instant.)
  • Snozzcumbers from the BFG (gherkins)
  • Butterbeer from Harry Potter - there are tons of recipe ideas online.  We are inclined to take an easy route which is popular in our house: sweeten milk (ours is soya for preference) with date syrup or molasses sugar and then whizz to a froth with a hand blender while warming it through.
  • Queen Cakes and Jam Tarts for Alice in Wonderland.

4.  If you live near a library or children's centre with a Toy Library (these usually include books for loan as well as toys), then why not have a trot along to enjoy a few picture books together.  The older ones are never too old to enjoy one in a happy family group.  Why not take along a treat for your librarians too?

5.  Ask everyone to read an excerpt from their favourite book, without having to analyse it or prepare a book report in any form afterwards.

What are you guys all doing for Book Day this year?

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