Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Easy Cheap Dinners for the Warmer Weather

Now that the spring has truly sprung here, the sun is shining and mince & dumplings are off the menu!

Unfortunately, the activities don't let up.  Menu planning takes so long at Acorn Towers due to all of the commitments that seem to occur around tea times at least four nights of the week.  And on the rest, it is difficult to entice the children in from the garden on these lovely longer evenings!

So instead of relying on slow-cooker casseroles or mince-heavy meals, I now am beginning to roll out our lighter yet still cheap and easy meals...

Here are my family's favourite dinners for breaking up the evening's garden play:

Friday, 1 April 2016

Free 6-lesson Music Appreciation Course

I found a great music appreciation curriculum online, created by a professional music teacher and home educator, Mary Prather.  The curriculum is very reasonably priced anyway, but 6 sample lessons with a resource worksheet are currently available on the website.  She also has a blog about home ed over there.  The website is a great resource - I recommend checking it out!