All of the recipe below were created with a budget(the vast majority are costed) and time contraints in mind.  My recipes are easy to make, usually involving a mix-it-all-up-and-heat/pop-in-the-oven method.

A varied and balanced diet is something to aim for.  My cakes and desserts try to eliminate saturated fat and get some nutritional value with the sweetness or avoid excessive sweetener without compromising taste or texture.

All of the following recipes can be made suitable for vegetarians and vegans (therefore should be suitable for kosher or halal diets also.)

Full Index (for categories, see the Food and Recipes cloud down the right side of the page)
Ale and Mustard Steak Stew
Apricot and Mint Sausage Roll
Barbecue Feast Pizza (fresh or make ahead and freeze)
Berry Simnel Cake
Bonfire Cake with Treacle Cream Frosting
Brandy and Prune Steak Stew
Burrito and storecupboard variations
Butternut Casserole
Butternut Squash Pie
Canny Christingle Marmalade
Cereal Sundae (breakfast)
Cheatballs and Spaghetti
Cheats' Spaghetti Bolognese
Cheats' Toad in the Hole
Choc Easter Shapes
Christmas Plum Pudding with Chocolate and Pecans
Cocoa and Bean Enchiladas
Cranberry and Orange Sausage Rolls
Creamed Cauliflower
Crisp Almond Biscuits
Dandelion Flowers - 16 ways to use them
Dandelion Fritters
Dandelion and Spinach Pesto
Easy Cowboy Beans
Elderflower Jelly
Elderflower Porridge
Festive Choc Shapes
Festive Sausage Rolls
Flake Muesli
Fondant Crème Mini Eggs
Gammon with Cumberland Gravy
Gingerbread Cookie Dough Ice Cream
Gingerbread Shapes
Glorious Chocolate Cake with Marshmallow Cream
Gooseberry and Elderflower Jam
Heritage Sausage Casserole
Homemade Chocolate Eggs
Homemade Gravy
Ice Cream
Isle of Wight Pudding
Jam Roly Poly
Lazy Everyday Yeast Bread
Madeira Cake
Marble Cake
Marmalade Shortbread
Marzipan Stars
Mint Choc Shortbread
Nutmeg and Almond Squash Pie
Paddington's Marmalade Biscuit Sandwiches
Peanut Butter ("17 Ways to Make Peanut Butter Better" - sandwiches)
Pear Mash
Pineapple or Grapefruit and Coconut Dhal
Pulses... making "meats" and "fish" go further
Rainbow Choc Biscuits
Red Velvet Cake
Rhubarb - tips and ideas for using it in cooking
Rhubarb and Yellow Spilt Pea Curry
Rhubarb Chutney
Rhubarb, Pear and Ginger Jam
Roasted Vegetable Enchiladas
Root Beer Ginger Cake
Sausage Casserole  /
Sausage, Pease Pudding and Pear Pie
Sausage Rolls
Sausage & Swede/Squash Casserole
Sausage, Walnut and Cranberry Pie
Simple Christmas en Croute
Sloshed Steak Stew
Slow-cooked Monday Pie
Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Pasta with lemon and black pepper
Snow-Iced Cranberry Biscuit
South African Style Beans
Spiced Potatoes
Spinach and Lemon Sausage Rolls
Steak, Bacon and Onion Pie
Steak with Gin and Blackberries or Hedgerow Berries
Steak with Whisky and Swede
Sunshine Spaghetti
Sweetcorn and Bean Enchiladas
Tonno e Piselli (tuna with green peas or tuna with chick peas)
Tricolor Pizza with Dandelion Spinach Pesto and Four Cheeses (fresh or make ahead and freeze)
Turkey and Stuffing Pie
Vegetable Casserole (peas, green beans and spinach - accompaniment)
Vegetable Casserole (carrots, peas and spinach - accompaniment)
Victoriana Squash Pie
Walnut and Lincolnshire Sausage Loaf
Wild Greens and suggestions for uses
Winter Trifle

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